colorfulinformant said: What are you doing under there?


"I’m helping with therapy for a former Dopant." A hand with red nail polish pokes out of the other side of the blanket fort, waving at JK. "Hi. Gentaro’s promised me some Disney movies and hot cocoa." She says.

Gentaro pokes his head out of the covers. “Want to join in?”

JK shakes his head but smiles at the pair. Anything for his friends, thats how Gentaro was. “Nah, I’ve actually got plans of my own.” He pulls out his cellphone and shakes it a couple of times for emphasis. “But if you guys need anything, just shoot me a message.”



for anyone who wanted to know what kamen rider fourze is about

Your muse finds mine asleep at their desk. How does your muse wake mine?



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Keisuke raised his eyebrows at the colorful youth and smiled. “Hello,” he said. “Something I can do for you?”

JK returned the raised eyebrow with one of his own. What was this guy looking at? Did he have something on his face? The younger fellow patted his cheeks a couple of times and shrugged off the stare. “No, I think I’m good….” There was a lull in conversation. “…Any reason you’re hanging around a high school?”


   And you deserve someone( someone who knows how to make it up to you  ) 

            even after they  h u r t  you

            not someone who is very good at the word sorry.

JK, put the pig down.

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