Why is that kid in a locker?

I’ll be starting on Promos and short vids this weekend, please bare with me. 

soulofagito said: "How long have you been there?"

"Longer than you think, whats it to you?"

Mun Monday


Here’s the list again for Munday! Feed my inbox :3

♫ - Show your face
♣ - Sexuality
♦ - Relationship Status
↕ - State/Country you’re from
φ - Post your Tumblr Crushes
≡ - Most recent game played.
∞ - How did you get into Tumblr?
Ω - Got any Tumblr “Senpai’s” and if so who?
♥ - Top Celebrity crush
☻ - Favorite Blog I follow/Rp with
◘ - Random Fact about Mun
• - Random Fact about Muse
► - Asker gives a question

Love to get some asks!

soulofagito said: DC Comics - Tim Drake

slingshotmaster said: Zack for Kamen rider?

slingshotmaster said: Jonouchi for Kamen rider?

alumniqueen said: [[ Is the dreamworks one Spirit? ]]

nakadai-sensei said: Super Sentai - Daigo from Kyoryuger

I’m joining the Promo Game!


Guess my Ten Favorite Characters for a Promo


 - Two Guesses Per Ask. 

-  Only one of the Characters is a Muse of mine.

- Every RP Blog who guesses correctly gets a promo. With a custom banner. And a short video or drabble from me. (Roo’s Raising the stakes!)


Kamen Rider (Zack guessed by slingshotmaster)

Super Sentai (Daigo guessed by nakadai-sensei)

Power Rangers - (Ziggy guessed by gokaisilvergai)

DC Comics (Tim Drake guessed by soulofagito)

Disney (Scar guessed by armoredryugen)

Dreamworks (Spirit guessed by alumniqueen)

Skins (Minor Character, but very popular. Dirty Dancer.)

Classic Television (Late 70’s through the 80’s. He knew how to keep an old General running)

Anime (His name is actually in the title of this lesser known anime. Wise old Robot. The only Legal in his City.)

JDrama (Starring three of Japans top actors. And with a stellar supporting cast. Covers many issues like bullying, suicide and even abuse! Kon!)

I’m running out of no gifs guys.

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