їттїиg їп тнє ґоом…

                               …plaуїиg ґц₴їaи ґоцlєттё

I think Miura Shohei would make a good FC for Adult!JK. Opinions?


Come ►back◄when you can.
     Let go, you’ll  u n d e r s t a n d.
          You’ve done nothing at all to make me lve you less.
               So come back when you can.

Anonymous said: PSA: Stop telling people how to roleplay. Stop telling people this is how they should play a character. Stop telling people you can't write a character the sexual preference you choose even if it diverges from canon. Stop telling people how to write their OCs. Stop telling people how to write their canons. Stop policing each other's blogs. Everyone has a right in roleplay to make the creative choices they like. If you do not like, do not roleplay with the person. Enough is enough.
Two truths and a lie.


Ask the mun or the muse three questions. Two will be the truth and one will be a lie.

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