Revenge of the Muses: Ask the Muse things about the Mun
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                            & i’m here to remind you
of the mess you left when you went
                                                                                   A W A Y


Super Hero Time crossover!

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Ask Meme idea: Send “Behind the Scenes” into the askbox for a talk between the mun and the muse

I want a FC for Adult!JK.

But I also want a nap.

And a muffin.

thebullethero said: ❤ and ✾

❤ - Any tumblr senpais?

friendshipstates. Always. 

✾ - Why I chose my character

JK has always been and will always be my favorite Fourze character. As background as he was, I felt like he changed a good deal more than the others. I just wanted to make him more than he was in the show. Seems I’m doing something right. 

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